Welcome to Tortuga Bay - South Padre Island

Hello fellow Tortuga Bay Owners!  In 2021 I volunteered to manage a website for information sharing with the Tortuga Bay HOA members. It has great communication potential for everything from how to work the hot tubs to the best contractors, to accessing HOA documents when you can't find your copy or getting a volunteer crew together to do a bay clean-up.  The site is a work in progress, and suggestions are welcome!

You are in control of what information you share about yourself.  This is a secure private site only available to approved members, other than the homepage.

If you have information to share, please email it to me and I will include it on the website. Elizabeth  [email protected]

Assessment request for the new gate pad has been sent.  Check your emails!  Hoping the new system could be in by July!  Thanks to all that participated in the survey.

New TBCOA financials have been uploaded.  To view you must be logged in to your account, then look at "Financials" page.

We have a new neighbor...  stay aware around the dock!

Here is a helpful link for understanding general procedures required for changing Bylaws and other COA rules and regulations:

Current Board Members

Carla Kucia 1-2            [email protected]  
Roy Rodriguez 10-1       [email protected]    
Eric Sepulveda 2-2       [email protected]

Owners' Committee - fill out the committee owners' interest form for information to join. If you'd like to be a part of helping your community be the best it can be, please join!
Topics discussed at meetings:
Security cameras and holiday options for on-call security 
Group Text messaging for the community
Parking solutions/solving true issues, not looking for issues.
Fiscal responsibility & remedies with overspending on water, electrical. Savings to be found.

When weather is upon us-- just in case!
AEP Texas Power Outage Reporting Number

Maintenance Issues 
-Sewage/water pipes upcoming repairs/maintenance, planning and information stage
-Stucco repair (preventing water penetration). Fill out a maintenance request through the link below if you see an issue.
-Dock upgrading
  Updates needed from the board/property manager

See something?  Say something! Community watch is the number one security measure we have! Contact Pat for property emergencies & disturbances. Fill out a kudos and concerns link below for non-emergencies so we can track any issues. Call 911 if appropriate

Contractor and Service Vendor Referrals now located on its own page... if you have someone to recommend, contact Elizabeth

Helpful Owner Links for Communication (not managed by Pat)  Info will be forwarded as appropriate.

Maintenance Request Form:

For Owner Involvement:
Committee Interest Form

Kudos & Concerns Form (non-emergency)

Variance Request (submit for approval any deviations from the by-laws/rules etc...)

For Owners who Rent their Units:
Rental Unit Registration

Non-Emergency Fire Dept. # 956-761-3040
Non-Emergency Police Dept. # 956-761-5454

Property Manager:
Patrick Marchan
956-433-9506  Text or Call

[email protected]  Pat does not monitor his email, but use as a back up if you wish for record keeping.

Email the board members if you are having problems with a response.